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Time to upgrade your ear stack!

 (Picture featuring from Bottom of ear to top, Camilla huggie hoop, Belle huggie hoop and Lily ear cuff) 

Ear stacking has been all the rage, and continues to be into 2021, we don’t mean one or two, we mean fully stacked ears dripping in diamonds, hoops and all that sparkles. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of cool to your outfit, stacking allows you to personalise your look, keeping it simple or making a statement!

Wondering how to wear multiple earrings? We break it down for you, so you can personalise your own unique and super stylish combination. Here’s the low-down on how to stack earrings like a pro.

1/ Sometimes more is more. Level up with a bold hoop or drop earring in your first piercing, this will give your more subtle pieces some drama as you stack.

2/Add a huggie earring into the mix, super popular right now, and for good reason. True to their name, they are small minimalist hoop earrings that “hug” the earlobe. They look great worn alone, and are so versatile when wearing with many other earrings. You can wear them in pretty much any piercing and can wear as many as you can fit on!

3/Throw on an ear cuff. No wonder these beauties are so popular, with no piercing necessary, just slide them down the outside of the ear to your desired position and hey presto!

4/Mix your metals and gemstones. While choosing earrings that are all the same metal and same gemstones is the easiest way to put together a stacked look, there are no rules, get creative. Combine gold and silver earrings, coloured gems and pearls for that unique I want to stand out look!

Take a look at our beautiful range of earrings and happy stacking girls!!!