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Valentine’s Day - calling all loved ones!

Cupid is waiting in the wings with his bow and arrow, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching now is the time to get organised and make your loved ones pleased as punch with some gorgeous gifts. Jewellery has long been a Valentine’s Day favourite, a gesture of love that sparkles for years to come and if you want to top last years dinner date and roses then look no further Phiabella Jewellery is here to help. Below we’ve given you an idea of what your gorgeous lady might like, we hope we’ve given you some useful information to put a smile on your loved ones face this Valentines. Seeing as we are feeling the love here at Phiabella Jewellery, we would like to take the time to thank all our customers for supporting us, we wouldn’t be here without you and we hope your Valentines Day is as special as you ❤️.

Our Traditional Babe - this girl likes to keep it classic and classy, she doesn’t like fuss and day to day her jewellery can be transitioned to almost any outfit! Our recommendation for this lovely lady would be our Azura necklace.

Our Glamour Puss - never one to shy away from standing out in the crowd this babe likes to accessorise knowing she will get attention, the more sparkly the better and please don’t forget more is more for this lady. Our suggestion for this beaut would be our Baby Oval gold ring.

Our Trend Setter - wearing the latest fashion styles and not afraid to try anything new, she has a keen eye for the most up to date clothes and accessories and looks effortlessly cool even hanging around the house. With this in mind we suggest this babe would like our Capri earrings.

Miss Edgy - this girl likes to go against all the rules, in fact she makes her own rules! She will throw on mismatching everything and still look amazing, she can pull off just about any look whilst still managing to be completely comfortable in her own skin! For this brave, bold gorgeous girl we suggest our matching Isla necklace and bracelet.

Miss Free Spirit - this girl doesn’t follow fashion, she has her own sense of style and looks amazing with it. With her hippie at heart vibe she will like almost anything you choose mainly because well you chose it, just not to much bling please! Our recommendation for this stunner would be our Alessa bracelet.